Pizza Restaurant Amalfi Coast Ravello

Amalfi Coast Ravello colors and flavors of a land rich in culture and vitality.
The restaurant Il Pinguino is in Scala just 1.5 km from Ravello.

“We love our work, we love to cook according to the tradition, but we are always looking for new ideas to savor, especially love to share the joys of the table with friends who come to visit. Our two halls, one indoor and one outdoor, and our staff are at your disposal for any type of occasion or event. Our specialties, from the appetizers that will whet your appetite, make you appreciate aromas and flavors of typical products of our land. “

Samples of typical traditional Mediterranean recipes of the past enjoyed in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The dough of the pizza is prepared exclusively with yeast: a light batter, soft, fragrant and of course genuine. The baking in the oven and in earthenware pots gives the specialty of the Penguin a unique flavor. First and second courses that smell of earth and sea. Last but not least the homemade cakes from Elda: a real delight!

Our specialties
Appetizers and various whims of the house:
Parmesan aubergine
Mixed fried
Cheese and cured meats
Grilled vegetables
Main Course:
Fried mixed cooked in a wood oven
Spaghetti with beans and mussels
Fish and Meat:
Squid and potatoes
Delicious bacon grilled golden
Handmade desserts:
Soft white Italian cheese tart with lemon